What is Customer Database Software?

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Customer database software, or contact management software, stores customer contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in a searchable database.

What are some benefits of a customer database software?

  • Get rid of your paper based management systems for managing your account and contacts.
  • Automate accounts and contact management processes
  • Consolidate critical customer data into a single tool

Common Contact Manager Features

  • Account management provides the ability to update company information such as name, address, contacts, etc.
  • Task management provides the ability to associate tasks to contacts and account. These serve as a to-do item with a reminder that alerts you if past due.
  • Calendars used for scheduling of appointments and meetings
  • Notes taking that allows you to take down notes such as phone call conversations
  • Email integration for inbound and outbound email to account and contacts
  • File sharing that allows you to attached related documents to accounts and contacts
  • Email templates that can be defined for outgoing emails to contacts

CRM vs Customer Database Software

Benefits of CRMAccount and Contact Management is one of the most basic features of a CRM system. It provides you with a centralized searchable repository for contact information.  It is also often one of the most mission-critical features because it’s essentially you’re customer list.

A true Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is more than a customer database. All CRM systems are contact managers but not all contact managers are CRMs.

In the modern age of business and computing, most business need more than simple customer database software. Here are thre simple CRM systems that are good contact managers.

MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is essentially a contact manager. You can store contact information, create tasks, and send email. This is a contact manager is one of it’s most simplest forms.

ACT CRM Software

Act is not an advanced CRM but is more than just a contact manager. It’s is a simple CRM that can be used for marketing, customer service, and accounting. It has a robust interface that can display charts, graphs, and everything you need to make a sale and keep a customer happy.

There are a few options…

  • Pro only supports on-premise Windows and offers standard security.
  • Premium provides additional security as well as cloud, on-premise, and mobile support.
  • Act eMarketing is an integrated email marketing solution

Act is a great package, but of course there are many others out there, start looking into the software today and see what is available for the needs of your company. You might just be surprised what you find.

Goldmine CRM

Currently, more than a million individuals have chosen to utilize the Goldmine system in their day-to-day operations.

Goldmine CRM is often referred to as one of the pioneers in the Sales Force Automation Industry. In 1989, this multi-award winning company was founded by Jon Ferrara and Elan Susser. Today, it can be found in 45 countries and continues to bring businesses closer to their customers.

The three main products currently available include…

  • Goldmine CRM Premium Edition
  • Goldmine CRM Mobile Edition
  • Goldmine CRM Voice Edition

For more option see our list of free CRM systems for small business.

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