What is the Best Social CRM?

Social CRM

Social CRM has become a popular buzz word and many software packages have been labeled as a Social CRM. What is the Social CRM and how to find the best?

A social CRM platform will allow you to monitor, manage, and respond to customer questions, discussions,and comments on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as provide basic CRM functionality such as assigning tasks and logging calls.

The Benefits of Social Networking

Social networking is an excellent strategy for business because of its millions of memberships and subscribers.

  • Online social networking sites present a less costly way of advertising and promoting products and services. Most social networks do not charge anything for being a user. It earns through the marketing ads posted in the site. .
  • Social networking is a very efficient way to communicate to large groups of people at one time.
  • Signing up and developing your own page on social networking sites opens up the opportunity to almost instantly connect to  subscribers.
  • Social networking helps level the playing field for small businesses since they do not need to put up a huge amount of capital in order to tap into online marketing.
  • The beauty of social networking is that companies can market to very targeted markets, and what propels the advertising in online social networking is word of mouth.

A Definition of Social CRM

Using online social networking sites in strategic marketing communications is just about as modern as you can get but Social CRM definitions can vary from vendor to vendor, and each social management system will have its own unique competitive features .

Here are a few social crm features commonly found in vendor social crm products.

Social Media Publishing

Craft interesting messages about products and brands, and post them to social media.   However, with all the communication audiences receive everyday, a marketing message can easily be drowned out. Companies need to track their messages and monitor their effectiveness, and keep the interest of their audiences in order to keep the conversations going.

Social Media Listening

Word of mouth advertising in the conventional sense turns people into spokespersons for the brands that they find interesting and useful in their everyday lives.

In social networking, the same principle holds true when people talk about products and services online and spread the word to friends, family members, and contacts in their networks. The more interesting the products and services, the more people on the social networking sites talk about them. Social CRM software allows companies to “listen” for discussions about their company or products, good and bad.

Social Media Profiles and Analytics

Social networking sites can also be used to collect social profile demographic and psychographic data information for customers. It can also be used to identify social media influencers who are driving conversation about your brand and find the right contacts and resources to form profitable alliances and synergies with other businesses. This data can then be compiled into private social media lists and groups for marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management Systems and Platforms

Social Media management systems and social CRM systems are not exactly the same. Social media management systems  often do not provide a complete set of Social CRM features but can often complement an existing CRM system. Often a social media management system can be integrated with an existing CRM.


Twilert is a simple Twitter search monitoring tool for tracking tweets with specific keywords. You simply define your keywords, add search filters, and you will receive email alerts containing your search results.


Newsle find articles about anyone you want. You import your Facebook Friends or LinkedIn contact and choose which ones you would like to Follow. Additionally, you can choose to follow anyone not in your contact lists whether CEOs, athletes, or celebrities. Newsle will let you know whenever anyone you are following is mentioned in a news article.


SocialCentiv allows you to monitor socia media conversations for specific keywords and then respond to them with an offer. Customers are encouraged share the offer with friends, and when a friend takes advantage of the offer, the customer receives an instant reward. SocialCentiv will automatically follow up with customers via email.


SocialCompass is a cloud application that utilizes social listening and marketing automation campaigns to find quality leads on social networks and then reach your target market through Twitter.


PRWeb from Vocus allows companies to create, distribute, and track news across multiple social media platforms.

Meltwater Buzz Engage Module

Social media engagement, monitoring, analytics, contact profile creation, and more. While this product is not a true CRM it can be used as a CRM if strictly used for social media.

Lithium Social Customer Suite

Respond conversations on social networks as well as measure and improve performance social programs.

Simply Measured

Allows you to measure activity on own, paid, and earned social media including performance, audience analysis, and competitive analysis.

Peak Analytics

Twitter analytics that help marketers know where else on the web their Twitter followers exists.

Mzinga Omni Social

Gain competitive intelligence, actionable intelligence, provide social customer support , and social moderation.

Popular Social CRMs

Organizations interested in a Social CRM will need resources to manage it since people need to actively monitor and respond to social media conversation. Sometimes this can be marketing and PR professionals, however, if the requests are technical in nature it may actually partly be managed by sales and support engineers.

Some non native social CRMs can also integrate with populate social media software and platforms that allow the CRM to be transformed into a Social CRM.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is one of the most popular true CRM systems with social media management.

Moxie Software

Moxie Software is a social media management tool, but also offers other tools offered such as Live Chat, Knowlege Base, Email Management and more.


Salesforce Radian 6 a Social CRM that is now part of the Salesforce marketing cloud.

Other Social CRM Systems

  • Nimble
  • Batchbook
  • Oracle RightNow and Social Cloud
  • Sprout Social
  • Vocus
  • Gigya
  • Totango
  • Lithium
  • Medallia
  • Clarabridge
  • CRMNext

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