Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software

There are number of companies that have stood the test of time, Reynolds and Reynolds being one of them. From 1866 to 1961, Reynolds and Reynolds was a privately operated company, and it went public from 1961 to 2006.

The success of this automobile dealer based in the city of Dayton Ohio has been a testament to American industry, and it was no surprise when there was a successful merger between Reynolds and Reynolds and Universal Computer Systems Inc. Right now, Reynolds and Reynolds has major operations in Ohio, Texas, Michigan, and the United Kingdom

Who Should Use Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software?

Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software is targeted at companies in the automotive dealer  industry. This software helps companies to keep track of their customer and professional contacts without jeopardizing the overall accessibility of the information.

For example, a dealer will be able to search through the database and find the customer in question with little to no effort. From their name, to their address, contact information, and other relevant items. All of this information should be available at the press of a button, which is what Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software provides.

If you are thinking of integrating this software into your business then you could not have made a better choice. This would be a great time to begin exploring and see exactly what Reynolds and Reynolds has to offer a company of your size. CRM management solutions are vital, so let the experts sort it out for you.

Notable Features in Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software

One point of contention over software such as Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software is the question of whether or not it is worth it. You could, after all, simply keep a spreadsheet containing all of your customer contacts. This software however is far more than just a spreadsheet. It is in fact a database accessible by your employees which can be constantly updated, searched, and modified as needed.

  • Single Login – Dealers can use a single login which allows them to access all aspects of the software.
  • Contact Management – Track prospects, manage information, see sales and service history
  • Mobile Capabilities – An application like this will provide the user with a number of distinct abilities, including the ability to access the database using mobile devices. Dealers will be able to use virtually any device, which gives them more flexibility in the field whether they have a phone, laptop, or tablet computer.
  • Additional products such as Lead Management and Service Portal are also available.

Not only do businesses greatly benefit from Reynolds and Reynolds Contact Management Software, they can also expect to receive training on the software. Reynolds and Reynolds offers both consulting and training with a number of different training options. Hands on learning and individual interaction(if necessary) are always available through Reynolds and Reynolds – an option that helps to ensure any business using the software is able to get off the ground with it.

Reynolds and Reynolds Demos and Tutorials

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