What is the Best CRM for Real Estate Agents?


Real estate has specific customer interaction processes and the best crm for real estate agents should be  designed for each stage of that process from sales to marketing.

The best real estate CRM will have many of the same features as a typical CRM system such as contact management and email management,  but should also have features to assist with real estate specific processes.

Depending on if you are in residential, commercial, or development real estate, the process may vary.  For example, FHA (Federal Housing Administration) foreclosures through HUD (Housing and Urban Development), generally requires a HUD approved real estate agent. Also, these HUD homes are generally limited to owner occupants rather than investments.  In fact, certain public service employees such as teachers and firefighters qualify for a discount on HUD homes.

The CRM you choose should manage the processes specific to your area of real estate. There are companies that market their customer relationship management software to the real estate industry but few actually have integrated real estate specific processes into their system. Make sure that you find a real estate CRM designed for the type of real estate you manage.

Listing Syndication and Management

If a client asks you to sell their home you need to get that out on the market and try to get some leads. You might use sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com, or one of the many other real estate sites available. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able import those leads directly into your CRM?

Then, once you have a lead you could automatically send the lead to members of your sales team, or if you’re an independent agent then just assign the lead to yourself.

Basic Real Estate Process

  • Showings
  • Offer and Contract
  • Disclosure Review
  • Appraisal
  • Inspections
  • Loan Approval or Commitment
  • Final walk-through
  • Closing – Costs and Signing 

FormsSome real estate CRM systems even help you management legal forms and even provide you with templates. These are some common legal forms…

Home Sale Package: This complete package includes the contracts, disclosures and other necessary forms.

Offer to Purchase: Most people use this as an initial attempt to approach a seller about the property.

Deeds: Warranty forms, Quitclaims, etc –forms like these are state-specific since each state have special and unique statutes and governing laws regarding how deeds should be done. These deed forms are designed to comply with the laws of different states.

Landlord Tenant Forms: These are forms regarding all the necessary cases that apply to landlord to tenant conditions.

Purchase Contracts:  Residential and Commercial – This is comprised of contracts for the sale of real estate such as commercial, residential, lots and others. Addendums and other contracts are included including the seller’s disclosure forms.

Promissory Notes on Real Estate: These are promissory notes offered for any real estate transactions. Various different notes are also included such as fixed rate notes.

Contract for Deed:  This is usually used as a substitute means of financing the purchase price of property.

Mortgages (Satisfaction/Assignment): Either you are assigning a mortgage or deed of trust and satisfy them after they are paid this real estate legal forms are the solution.

Top 5 Best CRMs for Real Estate

There are many real estate CRM systems available online. These were 5 that really seemed to cover many of the end to end real estate customer interaction processes.

Property Base

Property Base is a best rated solution built on and powered by Salesforce with features for residential, commercial, and development real estate including integration with over 500 MLS, Listing Management,  Listing Syndication allowing you to publish listings to over 200 portals, Offers & Closings, Franchise Management, Deal Matchmaking, Financials, and more.

Property Base comes in 2 editions…

  • Company
  • Enterprise


Lasso offers solution for home building, real estate development, and real estate sales. The software provides features for Lead & Prospect Management, Contact Management, Purchaser & Inventory Management,Real-Time Reporting, and System Access, Management & Security.

Lasso comes in two editions…

  • QuickSTART Edition
  • Professional Edition

Follow Up Boss

Provides features for lead distribution and engagement, lending assignment, and closing. It also integrates with Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and 100 IDX websites.

Follow Up Boss offers 4 editions…

  • 25 Agents
  • 10 Agents
  • 5 Agents
  • 3 Agents

REthink CRM

Built upon the Salesforce force.com platform, offers a number of standard CRM features plus the ability to Showcase and Track Listings, Match Buyers with Listings, Integrate with MLS, Manage Properties and Leases, Engage with your buyers and sellers, Manage Listings, Offers, & Closings, Property & Transaction Management, and even Brokerage Automation.

REthink comes in 6 editions…

  • Residential Lite
  • Residential Premium
  • Residential Basic
  • Commercial Lite
  • Commercial Premium
  • Commercial Basic

Top Producer

Get, manage listings and close deals  from sites like realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Boomtown, Homes.com, and many others.

Top Producer comes in 3 editions…

  • Top Producer Bundle
  • Success Suite with FiveStreet
  • Success Suite with Website

Additional CRM Systems for Real Estate Agents

Here are a few more real estate CRM systems to check outside of the best top 5.

Real Future CRM

Import leads from Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and over 30 other popular lead and IDX providers.

Real Future CRM comes in 4 editions…

  • Standard Edition
  • PRO Edition
  • Team Editon with Manual Lead Management
  • Team Edition with Automated Lead Management

iXact Contact

A robust real estate CRM offering Buyer & Seller Management and List & Closing Activity Plans.

iXact Contact offers two editions…

  • Small Team for 2 0r 3 people
  • Large Team for 4 or more people

Realty Juggler

Offers standard CRM features as well real estate flyers and letters, as well as the ability to import leads from ByOwnerDaily, Landvoice, FSBO Leader, RealtyTrac, and others.  Good software for FSBOs and foreclosed properties.


Emphasys Software has been providing real estate specific solutions for 35 years. AgentOffice
simplifies the way you manage your business through automation and Outlook integration. Offers 2 plans…

  • Professional
  • Personal


Reesio offers features such as listing syndication with sites like Trulia and Homes.com, ,single property page websites, offers management, and others.


Act! for Commercial Real Estate offers a property database feature to track the buildings you represent.

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