Pegasystems CRM

PegaSystems is a public company founded in 1983 and is a pioneer in Business Process Management. The company has over 2600 employees and $500 Million in revenue/year.
  • Pega BPM is an award-winning Business Process Management suite that helps manage, automate, and optimize business processes.
  • Pega CRM delivers a robust platform and architecture that allows companies to achieve gains in agent productivity and consistency of delivered customer service, and improve the quality of customer service or call center operations while containing the cost of service.

Who Should Use Pegasystems CRM?

PegaCRM is expensive to purchase, deploy, and integrate. The software is primarily purchased by blue-chip enterprises that require complex, yet reproducible processes with an implementation size of over 500 seats.
Sectors include…
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Communications & Media
  • Public Sector
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing & High Technology

Key Pega CRM Benefits

  • Ensures regulatory and policy compliance
  • Automates complex processes such as policy manuals, system specification, and manual coding
  • Provide agent guidance across communication channels
  • Automates underwriting or on-line account opening
  • Turns successful case resolution into a repeatable best practice for reuse
  • Drive Intelligent Selling
  • Deliver Next Best Offers
  • Specify the policies and procedures that depart from the standard
  • Over 300 report chart types
  • Personalized user experience is automatically tailored to the current user and situation
  • SAP Extender for case management process
  • Extender for case management process
  • Audit trail and replay capability
  • Sutomatically resolve cases when possible, and to defer to guided human judgment as required.
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