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In the modern business environment a business should never be out of contact with its customers. Mobile CRM software allows businesses to stay connected anywhere.

Mobile CRM solutions allow business to be lean, quick and efficient. Regular updating of the CRM at anytime allows the business make good decisions, avoid mistakes, and make deals.

It also provides the ability to quickly access and respond to customer inquiries making the customer is happy, build loyalty and ensure a customer that a company values their money and relationship.

What exactly is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM software uses web-enabled devices in order to allow employees’ instant access to client files from any location. Laptops with wireless capabilities, Blackberry devices, iPhones and cell phones are used in mobile CRM, these programs can be fully interactive allowing them access to the same information they would view from the office.

Mobile CRM offers enormous value to employees, both those who work in the office and field based representatives of your companies’ products or services.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

  • With web-enabled devices, employees can quickly update customer information, take orders at a customer meeting, look up information on a customer complaint, schedule appointments and automate services to save time.
  • Mobile CRM is ideal for scheduling or rescheduling a service call and providing staff with a quick update of what has changed.
  • It can also be used to allow staff to track inventory when out of the office, and review a record of a customers contact with the company. Invoicing, task scheduling, calendar and event options are options with most mobile CRM platforms.

What are Mobile Devices?

Mobile CRM software is designed for mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. A mobile device is any handheld computer.

The first patent for a mobile phone was around 1908, however, the first actual mobile phone was not release until 1984 in Japan.
Mobile phones at that time were too large to be carried easily so most were installed in vehicles as car phones.

Around 1990 mobile phone became more portable. Today the number of mobile phones out number people in some countries. Africa and India has one of the largest growth rates of mobile phone subscribers and India has the largest growth market. In the U.S. about 50 percent of children have their own mobile phone.

What once began as a rare and expensive form of communication is a very common and affordable means of communications. Today phones can take photographs, can access the Internet and e-mails, and even store a selection of downloadable music.

The current state of mobile devices has allowed Mobile CRM to excel. It’s designed to be portable and small.  Many mobile devices are are as powerful or more powerful than a desktop or laptop computer.

Tablet computers

Tablet Computer

Tablet computers are similar to laptops but are designed to be portable. Tablets don’t have keyboards or touchpads. Instead, the entire screen is touch-sensitive. Here are a few examples.

  • Android
  • Apple iPad
  • BlackBerry PlayBook


A smartphone is a powerful mobile phone.  They use touchscreens and operating systems similar to those used by tablet computers. Some examples include…

  • Android
  • Apple iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Phone

E-book readers

These are similar to tablet computers, but are designed for reading e-books (digital, downloadable books). Examples: Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.

How to Choose a Mobile CRM Solution?


Before choosing a platform businesses should take time to investigate the options available to them, especially if they already have a platform in mind that they want to use such as iPhone or Blackberry.

Blackberry is presently the most used Smart Phone device among business users. Many of these programs offer the speed and synchronization needed to make mobile CRM a success. Allowing real-time access to information and designed to be user friendly.

Companies have to take care that they choose a mobile solution that is secure from unauthorized users. Though free programs may offer great speed and access to accounting information on customers unless this platform offers advanced encryption and user authentication features, customer information can be compromised.

Platforms that provide instant updates and alerts are also valuable to employees, especially those who routinely work in the field. With an update log, employees can instantly be notified of a rescheduled meeting or find out that customer orders have been placed on hold. They can also find out which items in inventory are temporarily unavailable without ever having to call the office.

Mobile CRM and the Cloud

Cloud storage is simply storage that is located remotely.  Storing files online is the newest way not only to store but also to share, edit and synchronize all types of data. What’s more, the cloud can be accessed by a variety of devices such as iPhones, iPads, PCs and Androids devices. Mobile CRM software and cloud CRM are often tied closely together.

Benefits of Cloud CRM

1. You can access your files from anywhere. When you store your data in a cloud drive, you can retrieve your files no matter where you are as long as you have access to the internet. For example, if you meet a client or a friend by chance in another country and want to show some files, you can do so as long as you have internet connection.

2. You can access your file using your mobile phone, your laptop, or a different PC for as long as you have the compatible apps in your device. You no longer need to have your PC in front of you to work on your documents; as long as you have your iPad, iPhone or Android device with you, you are good to go.

3. You can store an amazing volume of files. You no longer have to worry that your PC will slow down because it has too many files in it. Usually, providers will give you an account of 2GB or 5GB of free space then you pay for the space beyond that.

A rough estimate of fees for 10GB extra storage would be 5 dollars per month. If your files are not that voluminous, choose a provider and try to apply for free space. Most will offer 2GB or 5GB free and when that is filled up, you upgrade and start to pay for more storage.

4. You have independent backup. One advantage of cloud drive storage is that it is independent from your domestic system; it will be unaffected should your computer crash or be infected by a virus. Even if your PC is stolen or is physically burned, your files remain intact!

5. Data will be synchronized across all the devices you use to download files. When your files are scattered across several PCs, flash drives, and external drives, what gets edited in one device stays as it was if it is stored elsewhere. With the cloud drive, once a file is revised or edited, all devices will access the newest form.

6. Lastly, possibly the best advantage of cloud drive is that files are shared easily. Anyone who is given access to the drive can access (or edit if you allow it) files. There is no need to send emails with large attachments or snail mail diskettes or plug in flash drives!

The cloud is definitely here to stay. As businesses and individuals find that they have more and more files to store, manage, download, and upload, PC memories will easily become insufficient. While several concerns remain about the cloud drive, some people have no choice but to shift to it and find ways to address issues as best as they can – hoping that technology will find answers in the near future.

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