Email Marketing CRM Features

What email marketing CRM features do you need for for designing a quality email and email marketing campaign?

If you’ve already selected a quality Email Marketing CRM, you should take time to analyze what factors make for a quality email in an email campaign.

If you’re looking for a CRM with email marketing features there are a number of systems available.

Keeping these things in mind as you create your campaign won’t guarantee your success, but they’ll dramatically improve your chances to generate sales and improve your ROI.

Popular Email Marketing CRM Features

Email marketing is just like any other form of marketing and is designed primarily to open the lines of communication and to make contact with people. You should do your best to translate your everyday interactions with people into business growing leads and contacts.

Targeted Emails

Email Subscribers

Many failed email marketing campaigns don’t work because the sender treats every email recipient the same. Don’t make the same mistake because this can alienate some of the email recipients.

  • Collect Data. Gather data such as customer geographic location and buying habits. Use that data from your CRM to assist in creating lists, connecting with customers, and generating sales leads. Then use that research to send targeted emails to customers.
  • Build a strategy. If you have a group of people who love one type of service you offer and another group that couldn’t care less, find a way to target the right recipients with information on your products, deals and discounts and free giveaways.
  • Email Scheduling. Most systems allow messages to be scheduled at specific days and times.  Consider testing several days and determining which one gets the best response.

Personalized Email

Using the same repetitive email message can be dangerous for your business because the same formula never works for everyone. The more personal you can get, the easier it is to build trust. You’ll also have a better chance of your emails being opened and read.

  • Call your customers by name in emails if you can.
  • Send your emails from the same FROM address every time.
  • Consider using the specific local language of the recipient. If this is something you need make that your system supports unicode and international characters.

Simple Customizable Email Layouts

  • Use an honest, compelling subject line to grab the attention of your customers.
  • Use short paragraphs to keep your customers attention. If you have something you want to expand upon, link to the rest of the story via a landing page on your site.
  • Add images and attractive visuals when appropriate but don’t overload your layout with flashy graphics, huge fonts and other in-your-face items.
  • Keep your layout clean, simple, professional, and easy to navigate. A overly busy layout may turn your recipients off.
  • Use HTML or plain text when appropriate.
  • Use a pre-designed customizable email template when appropriate.

Call to Action and Reporting

Email MarketingWhat’s the purpose sending an email touting products if you don’t ask your customers to do something beyond look?

  • Use a call to action in your email. Your call to action can do many things: ask customers to click on a link, ask customers to fill out a survey, ask customers to make a purchase.
  • Track and report on the results of your campaign including delivery, link clicking, purchases, and unsubscribes.

Opt-In/Opt-Out Management

Unsolicited bulk E-Mail

Unsolicited bulk E-Mail is the practice of sending out huge quantities of e-mail to a massive list of e-mail addresses that remain unverified or qualified.

Bulk e-mailing costs much less than standard mailing and is less labor intensive which makes it tempting for companies to considering this marketing tactic. However, using unverified bulk e-mailing practices to promote your company could risk your reputation, huge financial fines, or even jail.

Bulk e-mailing doesn’t get you targeted leads and in most cases, potential customers will simply ignore your incoming e-mail, block your website, have you forwarded to a junk mail folder, or report your company to an Internet service provider.

Opt in direct e-mail

Customers should have the ability subscribe and unsubscribe to your email, and you should have the ability to see which customers are currently subscribed and unsubscribed.

Opt in direct e-mail is the practice of sending out company e-mail to recipients that have requested contact with your company, and is a legitimate way to reach customers who are actually seeking your services.

When it comes down to your bottom line, opt in e-mail marketing is always the way to go.  This process may be a bit more time consuming and could potentially be a bit more labor-intensive, but the benefits far outweigh the risks of bulk email.

List Building

Many companies are in search of ways to build their email marketing lists with the goal of obtaining the email addresses of existing customers or users who have chosen to opt-in to their email notification.

Networking with local businesses.  Attend meetings in your local area (i.e. seminars, and city commerce luncheons) to exchange cards and information with other professionals. Exchange business cards and be sure to follow up – via email of course.  However, you should make sure that the people in this network are interested in what you have to offer and the possibility of sharing contacts with you.  It’s poor form to contact businesses that wanted nothing to do with you.

Trade shows.  Set up a booth or organize a presentation, or simply ‘attend’ a show and use it as a networking opportunity.  Obtain general contact information and offer promotions and ‘free’ gifts.  The people who fill out your information form have automatically ‘opted in’ to your marketing strategy.

Seminars. Use registration information and other networking techniques to obtain contacts for your email marketing lists.

Retail storefronts.  You can design a drawing or a contest that requires registration. You’ve probably engaged in this marketing technique before without even knowing it (i.e. registering to win a new car while shopping at the mall). Any storefront opportunities are well-received and are a great way to add to your email marketing lists of contacts.

Local events.  Consider going to local event or sponsoring one of these events yourself. Doing so can afford you the opportunity to increase your Internet mail address listings and help you get your name out there.

Direct mail marketing. Sending out postcards, is a great way to grow your email contact lists. You can mass issue postcards with your company name and website and collect contacts as they visit the site or make inquiries. Offering some type of incentive will earn you the best response.

Telemarketing. This process can be time consuming but well the efforts if done properly. You can use phone calls to touch base with prior customers and it is a great way to rekindle old business and perhaps make new contacts.


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