Centerbase CRM

Centerbase is a Cloud based or On-Premise database application that adapts to your companies unique business needs. You can easily customize it to whatever business problem you are trying to solve. Stop using spreadsheets and easily create your own system for CRM, Sales and Lead Tracking, Inventory, Asset Management, Team Scheduling, Project Management or nearly any business need.

Centerbase CRM software actually gives businesses the perfect opportunity to capitalize on their customer relationships and their software has several components that all business owners should take advantage of.

Centerbase CRM Dashboard

One of the main benefits of using the Centerbase CRM software is that all of your company information is centrally located so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the system. Real-time data charts are available via the Centerbase Dashboard, which is a comprehensive control center displaying data that the company needs. Lead charts can be viewed; customer support tracking, contract charts, and support inquiries all can be managed from the colorful, functional Dashboard location. In addition, the chart types can be changed at any time to customize the Dashboard experience and give the business full control over customer relationship management.

Support Functionality

Enhancing customer support and communications with customers are important features of the Centerbase CRM software. This is an issue that all businesses need to be concerned with has having satisfied customers is crucial to the success of any company. The Centerbase CRM software has a Lifecycle Control Feature which gives the business complete control over customer case tracking, allowing them to assign a status and update at any time. The software also collects all of the customer support data and integrates it into one location so that cases can be assigned on-demand to your support team or technicians and customers can be sent emails about their support issues.

Customer Contract Management

The Centerbase CRM software comes with a comprehensive contract management feature that is easy-to-use, easy to understand, and very intuitive for the end user. Instead of dealing with paper stacks or even a confusing internal company system, Centerbase allows customer contracts to be seen by everyone involved in the customer relationship all the way from management on down to the technician or sales representative that initiated the relationship. This is very ideal for
increasing workflow efficiency as there should be no questions about which customers should receive which products or level of support.

In addition to all that’s been mentioned, Centerbase CRM also keeps in-depth customer case and support histories. The comprehensive tracking and recording features of Centerbase CRM allows the entire customer relationship to be recorded. Objects, contracts, email communications, and support cases can all be a part of the customer relationship history.

All things considered, the Centerbase CRM software essentially streamlines many of the functions that businesses need to manage concerning the customer relationship. By allowing support issues to be automated, emails to be processed and everything to be documented along the way, any company that uses this software should find it saves time, money, and gives the opportunity for more satisfied and happy customers.

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