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Pegasystems CRM

PegaSystems is a public company founded in 1983 and is a pioneer in Business Process Management. The company has over 2600 employees and $500 Million in revenue/year. Pega BPM is an award-winning Business Process Management suite that helps manage, automate, and optimize business processes. Pega CRM delivers

Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle has been the leader in database software since the 70s. It has since expanded into the areas of Engineered Systems, Applications, Enterprise Management, Java, Middleware, Operating Systems, Servers, Storage and Tape, Networking and Data Center Fabric products, Enterprise Communcations, and Virtualization. The Oracle Service Cloud is

Netsuite CRM+

Netsuite has been around since 1998 and now have over 10000 customers cross multiple industries and company sizes. Netsuite CRM+ is an award winning solution providing a single cloud CRM solution with mobile access. Key Functionality Sales and Forecasting Support Case Management, Online Portal, and Knowledge Base

The Benefits of Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is often referred to as the “cadillac of CRMs”. What makes it so special? What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM? SalesForce was was founded in 1999 and one of the first available cloud CRM systems. There was no software to download and you could simply

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM was founded in 2004 and has not been deployed by over 1.5 million people. Sugar CRM is an award winning system, and as an open-platform web-based CRM solution, Sugar is easy to customize to meet an organization’s changing needs. It is also affordable, easy-to-use and
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