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What is Online Data Storage?

When selecting a new CRM system, often times data storage comes as an after thought. Do you need a server in-house or offsite? How will the data be backed up? How many servers do you need? Who needs to have database access? If you select a SaaS

What is Customer Database Software?

Customer database software, or contact management software, stores customer contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in a searchable database. What are some benefits of a customer database software? Get rid of your paper based management systems for managing your account and contacts.

App Integration

Many CRMs can integrate with other apps. This allows you to enhancement functionality and streamline processes by integrating existing tools. Email Marketing Constant Contact Eloqua MailChimp Contactology Get Response SimplyCast Unbounce WuFu Web Conferencing   Cisco Webex Citrix GoToWebinar Accounting Accounting is normally associated to ERP, not

Mobile CRM Software

In the modern business environment a business should never be out of contact with its customers. Mobile CRM software allows businesses to stay connected anywhere. Mobile CRM solutions allow business to be lean, quick and efficient. Regular updating of the CRM at anytime allows the business make
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