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CRM for Accounting Firms

CRMs for accounting firms and businesses report accounting transactions, contracts, or deals. It also caters to the companies’ accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. Accounting features are often traditionally found in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, but as ERP and CRM systems evolve, in many cases they have been

What is the Best CRM for Real Estate Agents?

Real estate has specific customer interaction processes and the best crm for real estate agents should be  designed for each stage of that process from sales to marketing. The best real estate CRM will have many of the same features as a typical CRM system such as

How Can a CRM Help a Toy Company Connect With Their Customers?

CRM specialist Adam Posner helps a toy company connect more easily with their customers. These are some things that Tiger Toy company wants to accomplish… Email customers regularly Order more easily Find new customers Make it easier for customers to learn about them Let end users know

Using CRM System For an Online Business

A CRM system is great for lead management. It provides a database for you to store your leads and access them at anytime. It also structures your leads such that you know which leads you need follow up with at what time. It also allows you to
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