CRM Benefits

Advantages of CRM

There are  huge advantages that come with a customer relationship management system can motivate any business large or small.

Acquire New Customers:  Data enables companies to correctly identify their target audience and helps focus marketing efforts allowing them to acquire new customers.

Increase Customer Loyalty:  Understand your customer needs and expectations by gaining more customer visibility. Keep your customers happy and coming back with repeat purchases, increased renewal rates, and customer retention.

Become More Efficient:  Standardize and automate processes to eliminate manual redundant tasks , and allow employees to quickly access important information and complete tasks.

Keep Your Data Secure:  Manage data in the cloud and control who has access to view and contribute specific.

Uncover New Revenue Opportunities:  Use actionable data from sales,  marketing as well as customer service metrics to under cover hidden revenue opportunities.

What is CRM On Demand?

SaaS CRM StorageCRM On Demand is web based software delivered over the net. It’s also known as Saas, Software as a Service, or cloud CRM.

An On Demand CRM is one that is accessed via the internet, often as a subscription service. In other words you are not required to install or host the CRM, you simply log into the CRM website anytime, anywhere.

Just like other CRM systems a CRM On Demand typically features advanced customer service and troubleshooting features, security and the ability to access information anywhere or anytime.

Web based cloud CRM systems are becoming the standard but some companies still prefer self-hosted solutions. However, for most businesses CRM On-Demand provides is better than self-hosted CRM solutions in almost all areas. Web based CRMs are often more flexible, easier to maintain, and easier to deploy.

The Benefits of CRM On Demand

Saas CRMs are especially beneficial for companies who do not have a lot of money to invest into IT resources, or useful if employees of the organization are widely dispersed geographically, or work from home.

Cost Savings

  • No need to purchase hardware
  • Generally use a subscription model allowing you to easily track it as a monthly or annual cose
  • Usage based licensing is often available
  • Few, if any, IT resources required to maintain

Easy Maintenance

  • System upgrades are automated by the vendor
  • Little if any testing required for out-of-the box deployments
  • Server security is maintained by vendor
  • Limited cloud data storage free of charge


  • Access Anytime
  • Access Anywhere
  • Access to the latest real-time data that can be easily updated
  • Only need a computer with an internet connection to access
  • Enable wireless devices such as tablets and smart  phones

On Demand CRM Leaders

If your company is thinking of investing in a CRM system for the first time or migrating there are over 200 CRMs in the market. Many of them are very good. This is a short, but not exhaustive list of some of the top CRM systems.